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Research Highlights

Development of a Solar-Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Extended Flight Endurance


Y. Chu; C. Ho; Y. Lee; B. Li*

Drones (2021)

Learning-Based Autonomous UAV System for Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) Device Inspection


Y. Feng; K. Tse; S. Chen; C.-Y. Wen; B. Li*

Sensors (2021)

An Actuator Allocation Method for a Variable-Pitch Propeller System of Quadrotor-based UAVs


C.-W. Chang, S. Chen, C.-Y. Wen, and B. Li*

Sensors (2020)

A Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller for Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles With Disturbance Rejection

IEEE Access

Y Cao, B Li, Q Li, AA Stokes, DM Ingram, A Kiprakis

Access (2020)

An Optimal Transition Control Method for Tail-sitter VTOL UAVs

IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics

B. Li, J. Sun, W. Zhou, C.Y. Wen, K.H. Low, C.K. Chen

T-Mech (2020)

Model-Aided Wind Estimation Method for a Tail-Sitter Aircraft

IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems

J. Sun, B. Li, C.Y. Wen, C.K. Chen

T-AES (2020)

A Camera-Based Target Detection and Positioning UAV System for Search and Rescue (SAR) Purposes


J. Sun, B. Li, Y. Jiang, C. Y. Wen

Sensors (2018)

Development and Testing of a Two-UAV Communication Relay System,


B. Li, Y. Jiang, J. Sun, L. Cai, C. Y. Wen

Sensors (2018)